DIY Halloween costume

DIY Halloween costume

Happy Halloweeeeeen! ok, ok, it wont be the "normal" Halloween celebration this year due to the current pandemic. Nevertheless, we had a lot of fun crafting this super cute baby lamb Halloween costume - especially as its is a quick, easy and affordable activity.  


What you need: 

- Grey (or white) sporty sweat jacket with hood

- Plenty wad of cotton (we needed 3 packs!)

- Black felt cloth

- Hot glue gun

- Scissors

- Felt tip

- Black leggings

- Black long-sleeved shirt

1. Cut off sleeves of Sweat jacket below sleeves seam 

2. Next step is to apply cotton wool side by side on jacket. Roll cotton wool in hand to form wad of cotton. When gluing cotton balls you should pay attention to place them in an offset pattern, and not straight lines. So you make sure that the coat gets a natural look. 

3. When jacket is completely covered with cooton, the final step are the ears. For that, cut of two pointed ears from black felt cloth material (appr. 12 cm long)

4. In order to achieve the desired folded line, you need to give a thin stripe of hot glue in the middle of the ears and push it together.  

5. Finally, you need to glue the ears laterally on the hood. To complement the baby lamb costume, we recommend to wear black leggings and a black  long-sleeved shirt.



Wishing you a happy and joyful Halloween!!!

Hutch&Putch Team